{Friendship: One Way Street?}

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How many friends do you have? I mean TRUE friends. When you actually sit down and think about it you can probably count them on one hand. True friends are really hard to find. I always pour out my soul to others even when I’m on empty. Most of my friends have no idea half of the things I’ve gone through or continue to go through. I’ll give my last. I’ll listen. I’ll offer my advice even though I know you won’t listen. I’ll be there when you fall. I’ll listen again. I won’t tell you I told you so, instead I’ll just simply be there. I won’t judge. I will  simply be your friend.

I’ve poured so much out I am exhausted. Now don’t get me wrong, I do NOT think you should do things expecting something in return. BUT friendship should not be a one way street.

Those friends that only call when they need something. The friends that ask how you are doing but don’t even listen to the answer. The friend that’s always busy when you need something. The friend that won’t make time for you.

Our time is precious and why should we waste it on people who don’t cherish it. Well I refuse to waste my time. Here’s to dropping dead weight and focusing on those who love us.




Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes.

I remember being in Elementary school and wishing I had blonde hair and blue eyes. When I watched TV the “pretty” girl always had blonde hair and blue eyes. When I walked down the barbie aisle most barbies had blonde hair and blue eyes. I had to search for any brown and most of the time they still didn’t look anything like me. Here I was 10 with super black hair and brown eyes, almond shaped at that. I didn’t know what to think.

We all have things we would maybe change about our appearance or things we wish we could just tweak a little bit. But how boring would that be. I eventually grew into my own skin and realized that beauty doesn’t have a specific mold and that beauty is more than skin deep.

It helped to find someone in the media that I could relate to…Rihanna (no I don’t look like her). But she had almond eyes, brown skin, dark hair and a round nose. I instantly fell in love. We won’t talk about how she went off the deep end later down the line, haha.

But my point is that the fact that we are different makes us beautiful. Many times it’s the very things we “hate” about ourselves that draws others. Love the skin you’re in. Be beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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Insecurity kills all that is beautiful.

In today’s world, body image issues start YOUNG. Think just girls? Well you are wrong. EVERYONE struggles with it. From our weight to body features, we pick ourselves apart. I want to spend this week highlighting some of those insecurities and how to stand up to the ridiculous standards of perfection that we are bombarded with every day.

I struggled with an eating disorder throughout high school. I starved myself to be thin and still hated my body. At one point I thought it was a good idea to only drink green tea. I know, crazy right?! I was sooo sick and weak but loved the results. I was starving myself. We do ridiculous things to be “perfect.” We need to stand up, love ourselves and others.

I know how hard it is to quiet that voice that’s screaming you’re not good enough. But YOU CAN DO IT. I still struggle with insecurities sometimes but just have to remind myself that I’m beautiful even with my flaws.

We are perfect only in our imperfections.

Insecurity kills all that is beautiful. #beauty #wearebeautiful

{Happy Born Day, Lukas Andrew}

Yep, it’s about that time.Time for my sappy Momma post. Today is my son’s second birthday. Wait, what?! I can not believe it. Well I can actually. I know I’m suppose to say it flew by but it hasn’t. It feels like two years if not more. I don’t know if that puts me on a bad mom list somewhere but it’s true. It’s been fun but challenging. Nonetheless, I’m so grateful I was chosen to be his Momma. He has been the light through the darkness and was worth EVERYTHING I’ve gone through. So today we celebrate you, Lukas! You are such a joy to watch grow and you are so LOVED.

(Pictures from Newborn shoot by Clever Photography. 5 days old & 5 lbs)



{How To Properly Apologize to a WOMAN}

An apology is an apology, right? WRONG. Here are three things NOT to do when apologizing to your lady friend.

1. DO NOT FOLLOW AN APOLOGY WITH A BUT. Seriously, stay away from it. It literally cancels out your apology. No matter how great you think your excuse/reasoning is, don’t use “but.” You are better off just saying sorry. It means so much more. For example, “I’m sorry but I don’t know why it bothers you. I would have been fine with it.” HIT THE BRAKES. What she heard, “I’ll say sorry to shut you up but you’re dumb to be upset in the first place.”

2. DON’T SAY SORRY JUST TO END A DISCUSSION. She doesn’t want to hear, “You’re right, I’m sorry.” Give a sincere apology. Let her know you are sorry you hurt/offended her, whatever the case may be. That’s what we really want, not to be right.

3. DON’T SAY SORRY THEN KEEP REPEATING. Don’t be a repeat offender. If you are truly sorry, change comes with it. No one is perfect and sometimes it does take a couple times. But once you get to five, six times… something isn’t right. Are you REALLY sorry?

If you take this advice, you’ll have a happier lady…I promise.


{V-Day Obsession}

Why are so many people OBSESSED with Valentine’s Day? On the one day, love is measured by how big of a bear your valentine can find and if you don’t have a valentine you’re worthless. Lies we have accepted as a society. Is it really that big of a deal? Shouldn’t we be showing how much we love our partner every day? Why does it have to be shown in material things? I challenge you this year to do something different for your valentine and if alone for this one…guess what, it’s okay. Do something for yourself because despite what society tells you, not having a valentine is NOT the end of the world.


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