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OOTD: Spring vs Winter

We’ve been having some oddly warm weather so definitely took advantage of it last week. πŸ™‚

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{OOTD: Sweater Weater}

Sweater Weather. βœŒοΈπŸ’•

Who says you can’t be cute when it’s cold? I layered up big time today. I put on a tank top, grey long sleeve shirt then my striped sweater over it. On the bottom half I put on super warm leggings then my jeans & two pairs of socks. I added a fun floral scarf and light pink jacket to miss it up. I hate being cold but also like to dress cute. LAYERS are the way I’ve found I can have best of both worlds.


{OOTD: How To Do a Dress in Winter}

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If I had enough dresses to wear one every day, I probably would. They are so easy, one piece usually. They are great to layer during cold weather. Most people put their dresses away for winter but leave them out! Layer them and you’ll be surprised just how warm you’ll stay. Today I work my favorite long black dress with super warm tights underneath, tall warm socks, and boots. Up to I threw a shirt over. I added a light sweater, scarf and warm jacket when I braved the cold. Break out those dresses, ladies!