{OOTD Catch UP}

😎🔞I've dreamed of this #jumper #inlove #checkoutmyfootworkForever Young. 🌸


Side Ponytail {1.20.14}

I knew my hair would be a mess if I slept on the curly fro it was yesterday so last night I played around with it and decided a ponytail was the way to go. I did two twist to my head and put it in a side ponytail. I added bobby pins and a head band today. 🙂


Twist Out on Straight Hair with Rollers {1.19.14}

I straightened my hair last week and it was hitting the end of the road. I decided to try a twist out on my straight hair. It was dry and I just put coconut oil on it as I twisted it. I put rollers on the end of each twist and off to bed I went. I loved the results! It was fun to switch things up.

Twist out with rollers on straight hair. #naturalhairdontcare"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing YOU can be." -Maya Angelou #weird #quirky #odd #unique #atypical


Hola! I’ve been extremely busy with work, my best friend gettng married, my birthday, the holiday,   and I didn’t have my computer on top of that. But I’m back & here’s the last couple weeks via Instagram. 😉

{Natural Hair Journey}

I have been post big chop about 14 months now and it was the best hair decision I’ve ever made. I can so much with my hair! It’s healthy and happy! It’s grown so much and this year I’ve been  experimenting with color. Here’s some pictures from the beginning to now! 😀

This Week on Instagram….

Well this week I did something off my “Life List.” I’ve been wanting red hair for YEARS now and finally got up the nerve to do so. The first step was bleaching my hair then dyed it red! It is the perfect red and I’m so in love with it!