Day 57:

It’s a dark picture but I have on a grey t-shit with a black blazer and my favorite dark skinny jeans. And of course my black boots. I’ll be glad when it warms up so I can break out the wedges. Ahhh, spring! This is a two day old twist out, I didn’t re-twist it so it’s a little crazy but I like it haha!



Day 52:


This was such a comfy outfit! Can you believe the scarf, pants and boots were all hand-me-downs?! Those are the best outfits! I got the shirt from Rugged Warehouse for two dollars and the tank from Forever 21 for $2.50. No shame in my game!

I “mustache” you a question…

My son Lukas turned one. I didn’t want to do the usual character thing so I chose to have a mustsache bash! Cute, right? Thank goodness for Pinterest! Well here are a few pictures from the party!



Day 12


It was abnormally warm so I took full advantage. I wore my favorite black peep toe shoes from Target. 🙂 I also wore a new shirt from Christmas. It was a clearance find at JC Penny’s for three dollars and some change. Yes you read right. I am a bargain shopper. I want style on a budget. Clearance racks and thrift stores are my go to. If you’re breaking the bank, try finding cheaper versions. I can usually find pretty close to what I want, if not better. Happy Shopping!