Twist Out on Straight Hair with Rollers {1.19.14}

I straightened my hair last week and it was hitting the end of the road. I decided to try a twist out on my straight hair. It was dry and I just put coconut oil on it as I twisted it. I put rollers on the end of each twist and off to bed I went. I loved the results! It was fun to switch things up.

Twist out with rollers on straight hair. #naturalhairdontcare"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing YOU can be." -Maya Angelou #weird #quirky #odd #unique #atypical


Watch ya mouth.

Sixth grade. I was sitting and waiting on class to start. My thoughts were interrupted by my neighbor pointing out how hairy my arms were. I’ve shaved my arms ever since and still do to this DAY.

Third grade. We were studying static electricity and I could hardly breathe. I was ecstatic that it was almost my turn to get this “magic” balloon rubbed on my hair ad watch it go wild. I stepped up. My instructor quickly pointed out to the class that my hair was different & my kind of hair wouldn’t work. I took the walk of shame back to my seat and sank down hoping I would disappear. First she was wrong and it took me a little bit to figure out we are all different. It’s beautiful.

Ninth grade. It’s summer. Someone points out that I’m chubby compared to the other girls. I struggled with eating disorders through out high school.

Eleventh grade. I’m struggling with grades and I mean struggling. I just CAN’T focus. I’m hit with the words STUPID from a man that’s suppose to uplift his little princess. I doubted myself for years, especially in school. I still do sometimes. I expect less from myself so I’m almost surprised when I do well.

Adult. Same man told me that I would never be anything and that no one would ever love me. I have the hardest time accepting praise and love.

ย “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

I know you’ve heard the saying.

Well I call BULLSHIT.

Many of the insecurities, doubt, and fears I have were born from the lips of others. One statement can be drilled into someone’s head. BE CAREFUL what you say to others. We should uplift one another not tear each other down. I always try to compliment others. Genuine compliments. Who knows when the last time they received one? Compliment someone today… better yet every day. It’s funny how seeing someone else smile can light up your own day.


Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes.

I remember being in Elementary school and wishing I had blonde hair and blue eyes. When I watched TV the “pretty” girl always had blonde hair and blue eyes. When I walked down the barbie aisle most barbies had blonde hair and blue eyes. I had to search for any brown and most of the time they still didn’t look anything like me. Here I was 10 with super black hair and brown eyes, almond shaped at that. I didn’t know what to think.

We all have things we would maybe change about our appearance or things we wish we could just tweak a little bit. But how boring would that be. I eventually grew into my own skin and realized that beauty doesn’t have a specific mold and that beauty is more than skin deep.

It helped to find someone in the media that I could relate to…Rihanna (no I don’t look like her). But she had almond eyes, brown skin, dark hair and a round nose. I instantly fell in love. We won’t talk about how she went off the deep end later down the line, haha.

But my point is that the fact that we are different makes us beautiful. Many times it’s the very things we “hate” about ourselves that draws others. Love the skin you’re in. Be beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Working on an insecurity series for my blog. #insecurities #blogger #standup #beauty

Insecurity kills all that is beautiful.

In today’s world, body image issues start YOUNG. Think just girls? Well you are wrong. EVERYONE struggles with it. From our weight to body features, we pick ourselves apart. I want to spend this week highlighting some of those insecurities and how to stand up to the ridiculous standards of perfection that we are bombarded with every day.

I struggled with an eating disorder throughout high school. I starved myself to be thin and still hated my body. At one point I thought it was a good idea to only drink green tea. I know, crazy right?! I was sooo sick and weak but loved the results. I was starving myself. We do ridiculous things to be “perfect.” We need to stand up, love ourselves and others.

I know how hard it is to quiet that voice that’s screaming you’re not good enough. But YOU CAN DO IT. I still struggle with insecurities sometimes but just have to remind myself that I’m beautiful even with my flaws.

We are perfect only in our imperfections.

Insecurity kills all that is beautiful. #beauty #wearebeautiful

{Personal Plank & Squat Challenge}

Won't stop until it's exactly how I want it. #obsessed #glutes #squats #iwantabstoo

This month I’m doing LOTS of plank and squat variations along with a cleaner diet. It helps me to have specific things to work on because I loose focus easily. I set goals in place and take tons of pictures to see my progress. Seeing progress in pictures motivates me. I hope in a few weeks to post an after to the pictures above!

If you have any plank or squat variations you love… send them my way!