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{OOTD: Plaid Lovin’}


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First thing I knew I was going to wear was a red lip. Then just threw on all black until I was ready to go. Rockabilly is my favorite style and inspired the look for today. My plaid shirt was clean and I added my favorite bandana, boom! You can never go wrong with red lipstick.


Chattanooga Fashion Week {Repost}


I wanted to highlight Chattanooga’s very own fashion week and my sister Satoya Foster did an amazing job covering all the events so here’s a repost, link back to the original post and of course her blog. Check it out!

There have been many songs written about Tennessee, its beautiful landscape and the Choo Choo. But those arenโ€™t the only amazing things about it. If you know anything about Chattanooga, it is a progressively artistic and creative city that is growing and thriving.

Last year, Chattanooga displayed its growing artistic culture by holding its first ever Fashion Week, showcasing talented local designers, models, and stylists. And this year is no exception!

I will be attending Chattanooga Fashion Week this year to cover the festivities, designs, and I may even indulge in some cupcakes and lemonade at Monsoon (which is a Chattanooga Fashion Week event).

Chattanooga Fashion Week

Chattanooga Fashion Week will be held on October 2, 2013 through to October 5, 2013. There will be an event for designers, an event for Autism Awareness, and much more! The week events will conclude with a series of scheduled events which will include a runway show. For the schedule, click here.

Chattanooga Fashion Week.


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{DIY Project}

I’ve had this coral high-low dress laying around for over a year. My ex-hubby left a pen with blue ink in his shorts that were in the same load as my brand new dress. Needless to say I was thrilled, haha. But I figured I’d just die it since my favorite colors to wear are dark colors anyhow. After months of procrastination I finally dyed the dress! It came out a cool “tie dye” grey dress. The ink stain is covered & I love it even more now! Hopefully this is the start to more crafts! ๐Ÿ˜€




Why are Moms so ugly???

I know this questions sounds ridiculously harsh but let me explain. Every where I go I see Moms that look like they just don’t care. Maybe it’s just where I live? I don’t know but sheesh! It’s bad! Most moms I see have on their husband’s shirt and/or hoodie along with jeans that don’t fit properly. I think most women just forget about themselves once they have kids. Not only in their appearance but their identity. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a woman. I know there are those fat or just plain lazy days. But I do know it takes about the same effort to reach for your own proper fitting shirt over your husbands.ย  Now I’m not writing this to bash Moms or women in any way. I actually would like to do the opposite. I think as moms we don’t have to loose our identity. Yes you! You can look fantastic, feel great, and keep in touch with your own identity. Yes, you CAN have a girls night. You CAN have a break and not automatically be a horrible Mom. You just have to find a balance.

I see it over and over. I see Moms who are totally CONSUMED with their children in a unhealthy way. I love my son and would do anything for him but I don’t have to sacrifice my identity to do that. You can still be the person you are and continue to grow while being a mother. Isn’t that great? I think more women should realize that. Instead I see women who completely forget about themselves and their lives become their child(ren). Yes, that does happen to an extent…BUT you can still treat yourself, get away, and do things you love. Love yourself ANDย  your children. Don’t loose yourself. Now get rid of all those Mom jeans and get dolled up! Heck, maybe even have a drink! ๐Ÿ˜‰