Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes.

I remember being in Elementary school and wishing I had blonde hair and blue eyes. When I watched TV the “pretty” girl always had blonde hair and blue eyes. When I walked down the barbie aisle most barbies had blonde hair and blue eyes. I had to search for any brown and most of the time they still didn’t look anything like me. Here I was 10 with super black hair and brown eyes, almond shaped at that. I didn’t know what to think.

We all have things we would maybe change about our appearance or things we wish we could just tweak a little bit. But how boring would that be. I eventually grew into my own skin and realized that beauty doesn’t have a specific mold and that beauty is more than skin deep.

It helped to find someone in the media that I could relate to…Rihanna (no I don’t look like her). But she had almond eyes, brown skin, dark hair and a round nose. I instantly fell in love. We won’t talk about how she went off the deep end later down the line, haha.

But my point is that the fact that we are different makes us beautiful. Many times it’s the very things we “hate” about ourselves that draws others. Love the skin you’re in. Be beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Working on an insecurity series for my blog. #insecurities #blogger #standup #beauty


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