Insecurity kills all that is beautiful.

In today’s world, body image issues start YOUNG. Think just girls? Well you are wrong. EVERYONE struggles with it. From our weight to body features, we pick ourselves apart. I want to spend this week highlighting some of those insecurities and how to stand up to the ridiculous standards of perfection that we are bombarded with every day.

I struggled with an eating disorder throughout high school. I starved myself to be thin and still hated my body. At one point I thought it was a good idea to only drink green tea. I know, crazy right?! I was sooo sick and weak but loved the results. I was starving myself. We do ridiculous things to be “perfect.” We need to stand up, love ourselves and others.

I know how hard it is to quiet that voice that’s screaming you’re not good enough. But YOU CAN DO IT. I still struggle with insecurities sometimes but just have to remind myself that I’m beautiful even with my flaws.

We are perfect only in our imperfections.

Insecurity kills all that is beautiful. #beauty #wearebeautiful


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