{How To Properly Apologize to a WOMAN}

An apology is an apology, right? WRONG. Here are three things NOT to do when apologizing to your lady friend.

1. DO NOT FOLLOW AN APOLOGY WITH A BUT. Seriously, stay away from it. It literally cancels out your apology. No matter how great you think your excuse/reasoning is, don’t use “but.” You are better off just saying sorry. It means so much more. For example, “I’m sorry but I don’t know why it bothers you. I would have been fine with it.” HIT THE BRAKES. What she heard, “I’ll say sorry to shut you up but you’re dumb to be upset in the first place.”

2. DON’T SAY SORRY JUST TO END A DISCUSSION. She doesn’t want to hear, “You’re right, I’m sorry.” Give a sincere apology. Let her know you are sorry you hurt/offended her, whatever the case may be. That’s what we really want, not to be right.

3. DON’T SAY SORRY THEN KEEP REPEATING. Don’t be a repeat offender. If you are truly sorry, change comes with it. No one is perfect and sometimes it does take a couple times. But once you get to five, six times… something isn’t right. Are you REALLY sorry?

If you take this advice, you’ll have a happier lady…I promise.



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