{Fitness: It’s a Way of Life}

💫150 squats 💫100 jumping jacks 💫50 push-ups 💫Lunges with kick-backs 💫Planks +variations 💫Toe touches 💫Hold squat for 30 sec. x4 💫Arm Band 💫Side bends #iwantitsobad 💪

Little did I know a little over a year ago that fitness would be such a big part of my life. I’ve been back on track lately with more balance. My main problem is feeling deprived, especially of sweets. Fruits, yogurt, frozen yogurt and almond milk really help curb my cravings. I’m working out harder and longer! My goal this year is abs and a ass along with being healthy of course. 😉

What’s your biggest obstacle when it comes to fitness?

Stocked UP. #almondmilk #apples #yogurt #turkeybacon #eggs #salsa #avocados #cucumber #tomatoes #lettuce #chicken #pretzels #raisins #humus #lettuce


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