{4 Things Women Should Start Doing}

The older I get, the more I learn about myself. These are four things I’ve learned along the way ladies. Four big things we should be doing.

1. Accept a compliment. I used to get so incredibly uncomfortable when someone gave me a compliment. I don’t know why. I don’t know if I didn’t believe them or just my insecure self showing or both but now I know how to gracefully accept a compliment. It’s OKAY to say thank you. You’re not cocky by accepting it. You’re beautiful and for some reason we’re often the last ones to know.

2. Dress for YOUR body. Not everything works for everyone. Try taking an loving, honest friend with you while shopping to help you out.

3. Embrace our differences. I see so many woman putting themselves and others down. Let’s just accept that we are all different and embrace our unique beauty.

4. Do something for yourself EVERY week. It doesn’t have to big. It could be as small as painting your nails and a face mask. BUT DO SOMETHING. As women, we put ourselves on the back burner a lot but it’s not selfish to treat yourself. YOU deserve it after all.

Photo: You put me down, told me I was nothing and that no one would ever love me but you were WRONG. Just thought you should know. And all that talk about me not being beautiful, you forgot too look on the inside. #joy


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