Excuse my french but… {Fuck Gender Roles}

I posted the above picture of my son on Facebook and soon after got a message a few minutes later warning me that I might “turn my son gay.” As I read the message I couldn’t help but laugh at the stupidity. Then I replied as followed:

Thank you so much for your concern but please read the statements below:

1. Well first (read closely, this one is REALLY important), how I raise my son is not your concern.

2. You don’t “turn” someone gay.

3. Love is Love. Being gay is NOT a negative thing.

4. If my son wants to wear all pink, grow his hair out and play with barbie dolls…it’s none of your concern.

5. He sees his Dad cook, clean, and take care of him. He’s just mimicking a great Dad.

So see? No one is being “turned” gay.


One Annoyed Momma


It’s 2014 and gender roles are still lingering. Why can’t a child just play with what they like without labels being put on them? When will it be okay for them just to be themselves. As a mom, I’m going to make sure Lukas knows it is okay to be who he is. He doesn’t have to adhere to society’s views on who he should be. Jesus loves all His children. Not just the tall ones or the athletic ones or the “straight” ones, HE loves us ALL. We are all different and should embrace it. The world would be such a boring place otherwise. Don’t you agree?




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