I’m supposed to be fat and unattractive.

The recent controversy of a picture a mom posted on Facebook is EVERYWHERE. People always say “Wow you’re a Mom, you don’t look like a Mom.” Or my favorite, you look great….for a mom. Moms now are changing that stereotype and I LOVE it! Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I have to be out of shape and live in sweat pants. Of course I can if I wanted to and that’s my choice. But it’s annoying that people are surprised when a Mom puts on a dress. People are offended when a mom doesn’t look like a mom is suppose to. Who decided that anyway? Well I’m just here to say if you choose to not take care of yourself and stay in sweat pants, please don’t blame it on being a mom. Yes not everyone will look like her (pictured below); I’m a perfect example thanks to those love things called stretch marks. But I’m taking care of myself and no longer making excuses. I can be in shape. So again, what’s your excuse?


2 thoughts on “I’m supposed to be fat and unattractive.

  1. This woman is setting a good example not only for other women but also for her children. Humans need to know that exercise and healthy eating is a lifestyle that one should try and live from birth to death. It’s hard to lose weight as we get older and when we spend most of our lives sedentary it’s even worse. The impression that I got from the negative comments was that there are mothers who have chosen not to lose the weight spewing negativity. It was like they were saying “how dare you make me look bad”. This woman said that she doesn’t watch TV and that is how she fits in the exercise. She hasn’t sacrificed time with her kids, she just gave up sedentary activity.

    • I couldn’t have said it better! That’s exactly what I got from the negative comments. It seemed more about jealousy. I applaud her and she has inspired me to work harder and be healthier! Thanks so much for reading & sharing! 🙂

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