Confessions of a First Time Mom: Part I {Mom’s Packing List}

I’ve been wanting to document things I’ve learned along the way for a while now. I’ve been keeping notes in a journal trying to figure out the best way to put it all together….only to decide to seperate it. Haha! There’s so many different “stages” in motherhood. It was impossible for me to lump it all together.

First things, first. You! I think a lot of women are so worried about the baby they forget about themselves. I packed my bag first. The baby bag is a lot simpler and you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. I was lucky enough to have a few awesome mom friends who all told me what they wish they would have brought with them to the hospital. My list was flawless & I want to share.

Insurance Card

Birth Plan/Pre-registration forms

Your own pillow or two.

Your favorite blanket. 

Ipod & Ipod deck (or CD player)



Baby wipes

Makeup (You probably won’t want to fool with during the delivery but when visitors start arriving you may)

Your favorite snacks. (& his…you will not want to share ha)

Mints and/or hard candy

Toiletries (body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, body spray, hairbrush, deo, lotion, shampoo/conditioner, hair ties/head bands, etc)

Pack of Underwear from Walmart (just a cheap pack you can throw away…the disposable ones provided are just uncomfortable)

Pads You will NOT want the provided ones. (I recommend Always Infinity, trust me on this one. They’re not bulky & hold more.)

Cellphone AND charger (a lot of people forget that part)

Exercise Ball (I brought my own, I sat on it as long as I could. It relieves all the pressure from the baby)

Camera (if not just using your phone)

COMFORTABLE outfit for the ride home. (I recommend comfortable leggings and tshirt that is loose but you still feel cute in)

Loose gown & robe for when visitors stop by. (I got a super cute and cheap set from Target which I still wear!)

Slippers and/or socks. (It’s COLD in there & you will not want your feet on the floor)

Flip flops/shower shoes (Maybe I’m just scared of germs haha)

And if you’re planning to breastfeed, these few items will save your life:

Nursing bras/shirts

Nursing pillow

Nipple Guards (Yes these exist! It keeps a barrier between you & the baby, which means you skip the initial pain! I didn’t experience any discomfort! I picked mine up at Babies’R’Us & don’t worry they come in different sizes!)

Nipple Cream

It may seem like a lot but pack smart & I promise it’ll be worth it. You’ll be comfortable and feel good. All your focus will be on your precious new baby. 🙂



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