What men actually think about natural hair…

I admitted yesterday that I was very surprised by the men. I picked a variety of guys kinda guessing which ones wouldn’t like natural hair. To my surprise, their answers  were very different than expected. I think you’ll be surprised as well.  I asked them three questions:

What is “natural hair”?
Do you prefer “natural” or “straight” hair?
What do you think about natural hair?



1) Natural hair is grown without formulas.
2) I really don’t have a preference on hair but it’s different.
3) I think woman who grow natural hair is thinking a lot more expressively.
Everyone cannot pull off having the natural look so woman who can pull it off are already beautiful.



I like natural hair. Hair is natural when no dyes are used and no perms. I like either natural or straight, doesn’t matter… whatever looks cute to her. Natural hair is by far the prettiest. 



1) Natural hair is untreated hair no chemicals or hot irons/combs.
2) I prefer natural.
3) I think natural hair shows the natural beauty in a woman and it compliments her well. A woman who can embrace their natural beauty regardless of age color, texture of hair or length is sexy to me.



1)Natural hair is when you rock it how it grows! No color, no perm, no flat iron, nothing! Just being comfortable sporting YOU!

2)Depends on who the hair is on, I do like me some curls though. When its very curly is the best.

3)Natural hair is the way to go! It’s all good fixing up and changing it up here and there, but a guy shouldn’t be judging you by your fixed up hair anyways. Both are good to sport and different times, however, on a regular basis.. natural!



1) Hair that is unadorned and uncolored.
2) Natural
3) I love it. I believe it takes confidence for someone to be their true self in this world. It shows that you love yourself in a very pure way. That produces confidence.



1) Natural hair refers to a style of hair black women wear. They don’t use any of the artificial chemicals to relax or “perm” it.

2) They are both different and look good in different ways, I don’t prefer one over the other.

3) Natural hair is great and very healthy for women’s hair. Any white guy that is dating a black girl should be very knowledgeable about it especially if he has a biracial daughter.


Black (Father is biracial)/24

Natural to me is not only a style, but a tribute to our culture. I prefer it simply because I know she’s not stressing over her hair as much, and you don’t have to deal with as much on a getting ready stand point. And it’s cool…I like a girl who is more about her roots and isn’t afraid to show  it in her everyday style. We should embrace our differences and roots, because most of us don’t even know them.

I was very surprised to find that all the guys like natural hair. I intentionally chose a DIVERSE group of guys because honestly I had already decided which ones would say they hated it. Boy was I wrong. I can’t help but thinking I some how got a strange group haha. But what can I say, natural hair is awesome. What’s not to love? 😉


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