What do men think of natural hair? {Perspective from Women}

I came across “black girl problems” on pinterest and one in particular caught my eye (shown above). I instantly laughed because in all most experiences it’s  been true. If I go out with my hair natural, white guys absolutely adore it. They think its beautiful and exotic. On the other hand, I’ve been asked by several black guys when my I’m wearing my natural hair if I ever straighten it. I’ve been natural for a little over a year now and it’s always interesting to see what men think of natural hair. In particular white men vs black men. So I decided to do a little survey on what women think men think and what they actually think. I have to admit, the men surprised me. But first we’re going to start out with the woman. Ladies first, right?

{Woman #1}

26 years old/Jamaican American

How long have you been natural? 2 1/2 years

I find that white guys are enamored with my hair. They always use adjectives like beautiful, gorgeous, exotic, and other pleasant adjectives to describe it. Black guys, however, don’t seem to share the same perspective. This is a generalization, of course. I’ve had a few black men question natural hairstyles that I’ve pinned on Pinterest, and a guy (black) even said I looked like a slave. My hair was in an undefined puff. Strangely enough, I have wavy-curly hair and if it was defined, he probably wouldn’t have made that comment.

{Woman #2}

25 years old/Black

How long have you been natural? 1 yr & 5 months

A lot of black guys I know think my natural hair is sexy. White guy friends say its cool.

{Woman #3}

30 years old/Black

How long have you been natural? 1 year

Honestly just as long as it look good I think they could care less. But I keep a sew-in, so most people don’t know I’m natural.

{Woman #4}

21 years old/White

Naturally curly hair

 What is natural hair?

Follicles that occur naturally out of your head.

What do you think about natural hair?

It’s not embraced enough and covered up more than it should be. God thinks its GORGEOUS.

What do you think Black guys think of natural hair?

Black guys just want to tap girls with straight hair. Anything that’s been treated…maybe they think because they put so much effort in their they put more effort into everything…

What about White guys?

Educated white guys love it (i.e. hipsters, artist, guys from larger cities). They don’t care as long as they can see your face. The white guys who aren’t as educated would probably prefer straight hair. It’s commercialized.

What have been your experiences? Do you agree or disagree with some of this? Feel free to comment! I’m interested to see different opinions.


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