{Frittata Recipe}

Photo: My frittata came out perfect without a cast iron skillet  #yum #frittata #bacon #basil #tomatoes #onions #cagefreeeggs

I’m not the worlds greatest cook and didn’t think I could do but it turned out to be really easy. The best thing about a frittata is that you can throw in anything you like and have on hand. Another great thing about them is that they freeze amazing & taste great re-heated. I see in most recipes they use a cast iron skillet but I didn’t have one; it still turned out great.

First, you’ll need  to cook whatever meat you want to put in it whether its sausage or bacon. I used bacon this time so I put the bacon on paper towels then crumbled them up. I then cut up onion and tomatoes. Other great additions are spinach, kale, mushrooms, and anything else you like. It’s like a big omelet. I put 12 eggs in a bowl, added a little milk and basil leaves then whisked all together. I poured the bacon, tomatoes, and onions in the pan; then poured the egg mixture on top.

Cook on medium heat until egg is firm and cooked all the way through. I sprinkled cheese  on top and stuck it in the oven on broil until cheese was melted and a little brown. Voila! It’s super easy and you can store it in freezer safe zip-lock bags or a container (I would put parchment paper in between each slice). Enjoy!


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