How to Fake an Expensive Swim Suit

Swim suits can be ridiculously expensive. It’s crazy for such little pieces of fabric. Last summer was my first summer after having my little one so I went online for a search for a flattering bathing suit that covered my stomach but one that I still felt sexy in. Yes, mommas can be sexy too! 😉 I found the PERFECT swim suit….but of course it was over $100 @ Urban Outfitters. So instead I went to Target and created the same look. I purchased a black top that flattered me the most with a little umph and faked a high waist bottom. I say faked because the bottom I got is really Target’s Assets brand which is meant to be worn under a tankini to hold your stomach in. Well I had just had a kid and wanted something to cover my not so attractive stretch marks. So voila!! I killed two birds with one stone. It’s a classic timeless piece and I’ve become more savvy on bathing suit shopping. Pinterest has been a very useful tool!

{My Swim Suit}

(sorry for the dirty mirror..I should take care of that tonight haha)


{My Inspiration}


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